August 8, 2022

Family Photos – Why Book Family Photos?

Family Portraits season is here! I am now booking for November – January 2023

Take a look at the details below.

Fall & Winter Family Portraits

Here are Five reasons why you should 100% book your Family photos Now:

1. It will be cooling down soon; we don’t have to worry about frizzy hair, bugs, and sweaty shirts. I like to say Fall weather is the best weather

2. Clothing, we can do layers I know we love layers

3. The colors! Seriously who doesn’t love fall/winter colors

4. Sunset hour will not interfere with bedtime, yay! I know this one is huge for my family

5. Golden tones/light fall golden hour is just beautiful. It is genuinely golden and warm, and I love it

Raleigh, North Carolina Family Photography

Lluvia Phillips Photo is now offering Fall family sessions; fall family photo sessions will take place in the Raleigh area and surroundings. Family Photography sessions are designed for immediate family members.. $450 is due at the time of booking.

Fall / Winter Family Portraits
  • 16 Digital images


Call: 602-702-1611

Option to upgrade to all Digital images for $100 more.


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