July 12, 2022

Why film?

We live in a digital world; we can hardly put our phones down most of us stare at a computer daily and scroll through Facebook daily. As a photographer, I find film highly refreshing,

The feeling you get when you are able to compare certain pictures to your own childhood photographs, them having the same “vibe” color and feel. To me that is what’s about to be able to bring certain feelings back from that time or even be able to recreate it.

As a family photographer, I aim to deliver more than just photographs, and I want you to feel like your images are special and unique; the film is just one vessel of my craft, but I should say it is a significant one. As an artist, it is what keeps me inspired to continue to capture unique images for you!

Now for the more technical reasons, the film is more forgiving. It delivers a higher dynamic range, and focusing issues, and if you like to over-expose your images, chances are your scans will still be beautiful.

What camera gear do I use?

Pentax 645N with 75mm lens

Canon EOS 3 with 50mm 1.2 – 35mm 1.4 II & 135mm f2

What Film stock?

Portra 400 Kodak

Kodak Gold 200

Fuji 400H

Most of the time I will rate portra 400 at 200 for a lighter less saturated scans and Gold rated at 400 and ask my lab to push +1 for creamier skin tones.

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I offer a beautiful collection of wardrobes for mom and personalized style guides for the entire family, as well as beautiful fine art products and prints.

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